Power distribution is now! green

Power switchgear and controlgear assembly from 630 to 1,250 A according to DIN EN 61439-1/-2.
Supports your power supply when high demands are placed on the safety, flexibility and sustainability. SEDOTEC quality with optimum value for money.

Your benefits

1. Freedom

  • VAMOCON 1250 is ready for the installation of switchgear from ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Efen, Jean Müller and Wöhner with design verification by testing.
  • Very easy installation, the pre-assembled switchgear cubicle is very light, and the cubicles and busbar system can be easily connected at the place of installation.
  • Possible to install standardised German cubicle systems using DIN technology, with plastic covers and a 250 mm-pitch, from ABB (Striebel & John), ABN (Schneider Electric) as well as Hager and Siemens.
  • Cubicles available for individual assembly by assembly manufacturers with specification of the power dissipation capability.

2. Safety and standards

  • Standard-compliant design of the systems according to DIN EN 61439-1/-2. Maximum personnel and assembly safety through independent tests for design verification.
  • Personnel and assembly safety ensured by the form of internal separation, Form 2b (optionally Form 4b, depending on the cubicle type).
  • Flanges, grommets and aluminium plates with protection degrees up to IP54 can be configured and supplied.
  • There are no plastic covers on the cubicle fronts, as all live components are protected so that they are finger-safe inside the cubicles. Triggers and displays for the switchgear are visible without restriction.
  • EMC-optimised arrangement of N and PE conductors: N conductor close to L1/L2/L3 phases and as far away as possible from the PE conductor. PE conductor mounted at the front and thus easily accessible for metering.

3. Digitalisation

  • Perfectly developed for online sales.
  • Intuitive VAMOCAD online configurator. Reduced complexity, bundled functions, quickly selectable device configuration. Download all necessary documents including design verifications.
  • Ordering from the configurator directly into the SEDOTEC production system.
  • Data output for further processing in E-CAD systems, platforms and marketplaces as well as Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  • Possible to install intelligent switchgear: Routing of control and bus lines in the control compartment, cable routing in each cubicle and cable ducts at the top of each cubicle for cubicle-to-cubicle wiring.
  • Prepared for retrofitting or converting switchgear in case of future changes.

4. Environment and sustainability

  • Less copper: You receive and pay 30% less copper because we design smartly. We’ve eliminated cubicle distribution busbars and mount the switchgear directly on the central main busbar with a 185 mm phase to phase clearance. This means we need fewer copper components. This saves you and our environment up to 20 kg of copper per cubicle, which you also don’t have to pay for.
  • Less power loss: The larger capacity of the busbar system reduces the power loss by up to 20% and the assembly is not constantly at the power limit. The additional cost of copper is amortised through the electricity costs saved within the first year of operation.
  • Lower costs: Over the average service life of the switchgear assembly, you save up to 3,000 euros and up to 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per metre of switchgear assembly.
  • Longer service life: Rated Inc (Rated current of an outgoing circuit) and rated diversity factor (RDF) values are designed to ensure that the switchgear and electronics have a long service life.
  • Less plastic: We don’t use continuous plastic covers at the front because all built-in switchgear is protected inside the cubicle so that it is finger-safe.
  • Less packaging waste: We always deliver the VAMOCON cubicles partly assembled with built-in copper bars. This saves a lot of packaging waste compared with systems delivered as individual components. The cardboard packaging and wooden pallets used for transportation can be reused right up to the place of installation.

Cubicle Types

  • Abbildung Leistungsschalterfeld Kabelanschlusskit

    Circuit-breaker cubicle with copper cable connection kit

  • Abbildung Leistungsschalterfeld Direktanschluss

    Circuit-breaker cubicle with cable connection to terminals

  • Abbildung Gerätefeld senkrecht

    Cubicle for outgoing fuse switch disconnectors and circuit-breakers

  • Abbildung Kupplungsfeld als Umlenkung

    Circuit-breaker cubicle as busbar coupling

  • Abbildung Umlenkungsfeld senkrecht

    Cubicle for busbar coupling

  • Abbildung Wandlermessfeld Umlenkung

    Cubicle for metering in busbar coupling

  • Abbildung Wandlermessfeld Hauptsammelschiene

    Cubicle for metering in main busbar

  • Abbildung Wandlermessfeld Umlenkung unten waagerecht

    Cubicle for metering in lower busbar

  • Abbildung Montageplattenfeld

    Cubicle with mounting plate

  • Abbildung Installationsverteilerfeld

    Cubicle for DIN rail devices

  • Abbildung Leerfeld

    Empty cubicle

  • Abbildung Eckfeld

    Corner cubicle

    Technical data

    Standards/Specifications Power switchgear and controlgear assembly with design verification by testing EN 61439-1/-2:2011
    DIN EN 61439-1/-2:2012-06
    VDE 0660-600-1/-2:2012-06
    Protection against electrical shock DIN EN 50274, VDE 0660 Part 514
    Tested switchgear brands ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Efen, Jean Müller, Wöhner
    Degree of protection EN 60529 IP30, IP54
    Protection class

    I (protective earthing)

    Rated current (ln)

    up to 1,250 A

    Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp)

    8 kV

    Overvoltage category


    Degree of pollution


    Rated peak withstand current (lpk)

    Main busbars (3-pole)

    105 kA

    Rated short-time withstand current (lcw)

    Main busbars (3- and 4-pole)

    50 kA 1 sec.
    Rated frequency (f)

    50 to 60 Hz

    Rated insulation voltage ( Ui)

    Main circuit

    1,000 V

    Rated operational voltage (Ue)

    Main circuit

    up to 400 V

    Internal separation

    Form 1 to 4b, depending on the cubicle type

    Mechanical strength

    IEC 62262

    up to IK10

    Ambient temperature and installation

    -5°C to +40°C (average over 24h: 35°C), indoor installation,
    Installation altitude up to 2000 m above normal altitude


    IP 30 ventilated, IP 54 unventilated

    Materials and surfaces

    Frame components, rear panels, roof/floor pans, interior fittings

    Sheet steel, 1.5 mm, galvanised

    Doors, side panels

    Sheet steel, 1.5 mm, galvanised, powder-coated

    Standard colour

    Door, side panel RAL 7035, coarse texture, plinth RAL 7012, coarse texture

    Optional colour

    all RAL colours, fine or coarse structure

    Layer thickness

    80-100 µm


    Height (mm, without plinth)


    Width (mm)

    400 / 600 / 850 / 1,100

    Depth (mm)

    425 (frame) + 25 (door), total 450

    Plinth height (mm)

    150 (300 with 2 plinths combined)


    The power loss from a four-metre-long VAMOCON 1250 switchgear assembly is reduced by around 1,200 kWh per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumed by a single-person household. Over a 30-year period of use, up to 12,000 euros in energy costs and up to 14 tonnes of CO2 can be saved.

    Less is more and more is less – how can that be?

    We’re constantly looking for innovative solutions that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This exemplifies our ecologically responsible approach. We’re committed to conserving resources and a sustainable energy supply. This is particularly evident in our new and innovative VAMOCON 1250 switchgear assembly concept. This is our green technology carrier, our guiding star in ecological and sustainable power distribution. All future developments will follow this.

    How did we achieve this?

    Well, we developed VAMOCON 1250 exactly to meet the requirements and minimised materials where they are not needed for safe operation – this saves resources and reduces the weight. At the same time, however, we’ve made some copper bars larger – which saves energy. Because the power loss is reduced by up to 20%. And because the assembly is not constantly operating at the power limit, it lasts longer – which promotes sustainability.

    And what does that do for you?

    Of course, despite all the green thinking, we know that auditors also make decisions. That’s why we’ll show you an example of how you can also convince the bean counters – provided, of course, that they also want to think in the long term and are interested in the TCO principle, i.e. are receptive to the Total Cost of Ownership approach.

    Example calculation:
    Lower power loss leads to lower temperatures in the switchgear assembly and noticeably extends the service life of the switchgear and electronics installed in it. Switchgear assemblies can thus be operated more sustainably and save CO2.
    For a switchgear assembly with a rated current of 1,250 A, we assume an average service life of 30 years, 2-shift operation and an industrial energy price of 18.55 Ct/kWh. The additional cost of copper due to the larger cross-section compared with a conventional main busbar is offset by a saved power loss of 73 W. The energy saved in this way amounts to 295 kWh per year and metre of switchgear assembly. The larger copper cross-section therefore already pays for itself – auditors beware! – in the first year of operation. If we factor in price increases, your VAMOCON 1250 will save you 3,000 euros in energy costs and 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per metre of switchgear assembly over the period of use.

    So it pays off. How long is your switchgear assembly?

    * All values are per METRE of switchgear assembly. The reduced power loss from the main busbar system and the energy and CO2 savings are derived on the basis of DIN EN 61439-1 Supplement 2 (A method of temperature-rise verification of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies by calculation) and Table B.3 (Operating current and power loss of bare copper bars inside the enclosure).