Systematic and structured

Systematic and structured

The system

One for all

If you’re interested in trend-setting solutions for distributing electrical power safely, efficiently and, above all, sustainably, then this will interest you. Because our VAMOCON modular kit system has been developed for universal low-voltage power distribution. For switchgear and controlgear assemblies from 630 to 5,000 A according to DIN EN 61439-1/-2.

With VAMOCON, you can install switchgear from all well-known European manufacturers in one continuous switchgear system. Independent of any group, technically innovative and made in Germany. You can become a system partner without any licence fees.

Safe, functional, sustainable

  • You significantly increase personal protection because we consistently use compartmentalisation based on the “Forms of Internal Separation” principle with continuous contact protection.
  • You save up to 120 kg of copper per cubicle because the main busbars and longitudinal couplers for circuit-breakers are centrally located.
  • You can equip the assembly with passive or active arc-fault protection.
  • You save a lot of time during the final assembly because you can order partly assembled cubicles with installed copper bars.
  • You can optimise your processes as a whole because our data is consistent and compatible.

We think and live green

Power Distribution is now green

This much is certain: The supply and use of energy must be consistently sustainable in future. To achieve this, energy systems will have to change dramatically. Energy consumption and CO₂ emissions must be reduced, and resources should ideally not be consumed in the first place – this is also a challenge for companies. And this is where we can support you.

We can do this because we’re already consistently reducing consumption ourselves. SEDOTEC will therefore be climate-neutral by 2030. To achieve this, we’re already deploying new innovative technologies and solutions today.

You can see one result in our new, innovative VAMOCON 1250 switchgear and controlgear assembly. You can therefore switch to a more environmentally friendly system that is designed to be sustainable and conserve resources. This is how you can reduce your CO₂ footprint – modularly and cost-efficiently.

10 advantages

  • Advantage 1: Free

    With VAMOCON you have a kit system that enables you to freely choose all switchgear from leading manufacturers.

  • Advantage 2: green

    With VAMOCON you save resources over the entire lifecycle of the system.

  • Advantage 3: digital

    With VAMOCON you support your networked future because the data is consistent and compatible.

  • Advantage 4: Safe

    With VAMOCON you have a system that provides maximum protection for people and materials in daily operation.

  • Advantage 5: future proof

    With VAMOCON you’re future-proof because we’re constantly developing the system for you – modular, digital and downward-compatible.

  • Advantage 6: inventive

    With VAMOCON you get innovative, disruptive, solid, clever and freshly developed power distribution systems.

  • Advantage 7: cooperative

    Behind VAMOCON stands a system partner for you with practical solutions and short communication paths.

  • Advantage 8: first class

    With VAMOCON you opt for maximum quality and fast delivery because we consistently focus on lean production.

  • Advantage 9: no costs

    With VAMOCON you reduce costs through modular system architecture and intelligent part design – without any licence costs.

  • Advantage 10: germany

    With VAMOCON you’re ensured development, testing and production at the highest level, because the power distribution systems are 100% made in Germany – engineered and built for the world.

    Development expertise

    Sedotec Entwicklungskompetenz

    The requirements for new switchgear assemblies are constantly increasing – now and in the future. At the forefront are safety, liability issues and digitalisation. And not to forget: Environmental protection, conserving resources and sustainability.

    We’ve been working on standardisation for many years in the DKE (German Commission for Electrical Engineering, which forms part of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) and the German Association for Electrical Engineering (VDE)). We contribute experience and knowledge, share it with the other members, and thus collaborate on new standards. The aim is always to create safe and sustainable industry standards. But also on the market side we’ve been involved in the ZVEI (Central Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Germany) for decades, and contribute our technical and industry knowledge to the future of low-voltage switchgear and assemblies.

    In Ladenburg, we operate a temperature rise laboratory where we conduct tests to verify temperature rise limits according to DIN EN 61439 up to 4,000 A. This enables us to test diverse variants for our VAMOCON switchgear assemblies quickly and time-independently during the development phase, optimise the design and determine the most unfavourable arrangement for further steps.

    Our customers – designers, assembly manufacturers, installers and operators – expect us to provide them with data that they can integrate into their systems. This includes, for example, 3D data that they can integrate into their building information modelling (BIM). We work flat out to provide all the necessary data in ever better and more detailed form with our configuration software.

    However, we also use digital information and communication technologies internally and thus constantly improve our processes by combining business process management with automation. This includes LEAN management, interfaces, documentation and software solutions.

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    VAMOCON systems are developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with the latest standard for power switchgear and controlgear assemblies: DIN EN 61439-1/-2. As the original manufacturer and thus responsible for the system, we at SEDOTEC provide the necessary design verification by testing. This is how we verify the properties guaranteed for you.

    Many tests are necessary for this. Among other things, we prove that the decisive things are correct: the stability, insulation, protection degree, behaviour of the materials under various conditions, behaviour in the event of a short-circuit and compliance with the permissible temperatures (so-called temperature rise limits, determined through temperature rise testing).

    We’re particularly proud of the verifications we carry out to ensure the temperature rise limits and short-circuit withstand strength for our switchgear assemblies, which are both determined using standard-compliant verification tests with built-in switchgear.

    In the short-circuit withstand strength tests, we verify that the switchgear assembly with built-in switchgear is dynamically and thermally resistant to short-circuits. This also includes ensuring that the switchgear is interrupted when there is a short-circuit. With circuit-breakers, safe installation is verified with regard to the arc blow-out behaviour vis-à-vis conductive and earthed components, as well as in terms of pressure rises and safely closing doors.

    The various types of switchgear are subject to their own product standards, according to which the nominal values for the ampacity (current carrying capacity) are determined individually free in air and with long cables connected to their terminals. However, once the switchgear is installed in the switchgear assembly enclosure, completely different conditions prevail in practice with regard to the ventilation, frames and connections. The rated Inc and RDF values determined in the temperature rise tests may therefore be lower than the rated values measured free in air.

    For each switchgear assembly produced, routine verifications are carried out by the manufacturer of the switchgear and controlgear assembly (assembly manufacturer as a VAMOCON system partner) using checklists. Detailed checklists can be created with our VAMOCAD configuration software, which are then completed and confirmed by the assembly manufacturer. Design and routine verifications are a prerequisite for receiving CE marking for switchgear assemblies in accordance with EU directives and national laws.