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Sheet metal fabrication

From one-offs to mass production

SEDOTEC manufactures sheet metal parts in any quantity - from a batch size of 1 to large-scale serial production. This is done in a fully automated process that is highly efficient and always delivers the same high quality. We have automated our production to a high degree; latest-generation machines are linked into cutting, punching or bending lines and produce the parts required for each order with complete reliability. For switchgear cabinets this includes doors, side elements and rear panels. Once these are then passed through our advanced powder-coating plant, they are ready for assembly and can be dispatched.

Our ultra-modern punching, nibbling and laser cutting machines are equipped with handling systems for the feeding and removal of materials. Even reflective materials such as copper, aluminium or brass can be cut with our high-tech laser cutters. This year alone we will process some 5000 tonnes of steel plate.

There is more passion behind every single part than you would expect.