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Powder Coating

Approval from a high position

SEDOTEC operates its own high-performance powder-coating plant. With two automatic multicolour booths and manual booths and its own curing oven, we have created the capacity to be able to powder-coat parts up to 3200 mm x 1200 mm x 1400 mm (LxWxH) in the highest quality. Moreover, we place the same high value on the preparation of the parts as we do on achieving a flawless coated finish. This has made an impression on clients as large as the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn, who has awarded us its highest level of approval. But it’s not only our production facility that profits from this - our industrial partners can also benefit from the quality of our powder coating.

Integrated within our lean production system, parts are normally fed into the powder coating plant in Kanban boxes or in customers’ individual reusable packaging after leaving the conveyor belt.

Now colour comes into play.