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‘And the sun of Logistics shines over them all.’

SEDOTEC exports over 80% of the switchgear cabinet systems and parts it manufactures. These arrive reliably, complete and on time at their destination. Clearly logistics has to deliver here. Our logistics is well integrated with the production process. The forms in which the goods are shipped are reliably coordinated, and where necessary we can develop suitable packaging. Our choice of packaging is based on our customer focus.

No one packaging procedure is the same as any other. When different quantities of continually different, highly sensitive parts have to be packed each time, it soon becomes evident how much complexity is involved in the picking and packing operation. Meanwhile, it is also vital that transport costs be kept low for the customer. Balancing all of this really does call for customer orientation.

We pack components in a seaworthy manner for ship transport or, where speed is of the essence, into suitable airfreight crates. We believe it’s important that our employees get the right feel for the products and where they are used. They perform this work with a strong sense of responsibility and sound working habits.

For everything is interconnected.