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Copper fabrication

The core - fast, defect-free and ready to mount

SEDOTEC delivers the heart of every electrical system - the copper busbars - fast, defect-free and complete, pre-assembled and ready to install. This is something to which we attach great value. Our highly-automated production systems handle some 800 tonnes of copper each year. Using bar material, we produce all the cross-sections common in the electrical industry, while flat material, profiles and copper from coils are used to produce installation-ready assemblies such as the world’s smallest coupling. This saves our customers over a hundred kilograms in weight and large amounts of money.

We take our customer orientation seriously - we can also pack our copper parts as kits, assemble them as installation-ready modules or fit them directly into switchgear cabinets and even connect the switchgear. Other services that we offer, such as tin or silver plating, insulating with shrinking hose or even individual masking prior to coating, further reduce the work for the customer.

This is more than one would normally expect.