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SPS – the SEDOTEC Production System

Highly praised by our business partners

SEDOTEC has installed a production system that goes far beyond those that normally receive ISO certification. The materials held today in the production facility are exclusively those that are currently being worked. Intermediate buffer stocks have been identified as cost drivers and have been reduced to the minimum. We stock selected finished parts so that we are able to supply them in large quantities at short notice. Production planning, meanwhile, is organised as daily quotas, each specified precisely for the next 24 hours.

Our manufacturing is economically competitive and founded on the principle of ‘flow, takt, pull and zero faults’. We bring in experts time and again to check factory layouts and the flow of goods and processes in search of possible improvements. Every new machine gives us the welcome opportunity of examining the flow of goods or the ergonomics in the workplace and improving on these.

Within the company, everybody shares our system, its principles and its way of working, not least because these have all been developed and internalised together. The result: our partners testify to everyone that we are one of their best suppliers.

That is a system that is a living organism.