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VAMOCON cubicle system

An innovation leader with our VAMOCON brand

VAMOCON is our own innovative modular switchgear cabinet programme, which has been successfully positioned on the market. The VAMOCON system has been developed by industry experts, is technically ahead of its time and features current design verification for switchgear from all major manufacturers. This makes VAMOCON one of the few switchgear cabinet systems in the world in which a wide range of different switchgear can be installed.

Our customers value this freedom. For this reason, VAMOCON has come to occupy a highly prominent place among the leading providers in a very short time. Designed and constantly refined over many years, today it has become one of the best-known and most popular systems available - indeed it would be hard to imagine the market without it. Among those who put particular trust in the ‘made in Germany’ factor of VAMOCON are companies from industry and building services for whom the dependable and long-term availability of power distribution is vital. As a result, our equipment is to be found in data centres, car plants, banks and major supplier companies.

There’s more to it than meets the eyes.