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MNS System

Over 1.3 million MNS switchgear cubicles worldwide

SEDOTEC manufactures and supplies the sheet and copper parts for ABB’s MNS system and is number 1 in Europe and the Middle East in this respect. These parts end up on journeys to one of 30 countries around the world.

Since the system was introduced in 1973, ABB has supplied more than 1.3 million MNS switchgear cubicles. Today, the complete product range includes more than 60,000 different sheet and copper parts. Additionally, new switchgear, changing safety requirements and customer-specific solutions are causing the system to continue to develop all the time. Yet, despite this degree of complexity, we are able to deliver this level of quality at prices which are competitive with those of local competitors. Our customers further profit from individual additions to the scope of services, such as assembly and logistics services. Our promises, incidentally, are something we keep - 100%.

You can rely on us.