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52 m Assembly Line

52 metres in 2 hours

The assembly stations we use to produce VAMOCON switchgear cabinets quickly and precisely according to orders form a production line 52 metres long. This is what happens when the jobs to be done are endlessly varied and different combinations of parts are required - and always under time pressure.

No two cabinets are the same - every project is different. With many parts we don’t start until our partner gives us the green light - just like in car production. At the same time we deliver fastest in the industry. We can do this because every work step takes place strictly according to the SEDOTEC production system.

If something will have to be removed again later, we don’t fit it in the first place, but simply secure it for transport. This is because a job should only be done once and only in the place where it is easiest and most appropriate to do it. As a result, your switchgear cabinets go from 0 to 52 in no more than two hours.

52 metres of success all round. This is how we win customers - with the best performance and the best prices.

Something we continue to take pride in.