Sedotec Firmensitz

Sedotec achieves a record and transformation

Sedotec GmbH & Co. KG closes 2023 with record sales and earnings. The owner-managed medium-sized company has also impressively demonstrated how the transformation from contract manufacturer to system supplier can succeed. The manufacturer of kit systems for low-voltage switchgear underlines its goals for 2024 with major investments.

SEDOTEC beendet Teilefertigung für ABB
SEDOTEC ends parts production for ABB and take off with VAMOCON

SEDOTEC GmbH & Co. KG from Ladenburg is ending its supply of parts to ABB after 19 years. What began in 2004 with the takeover of ABB Schaltanlagentechnik ended in December with the delivery of the last part. For the owners, the vision from back then is now becoming a reality. By 2023, the transformation from contract manufacturer to system supplier will be complete. Now the owners are starting the next era. The medium-sized company wants to grow strongly with the innovative and intelligent switchgear system VAMOCON and become the market leader in German-speaking countries.

Dirk Seiler
The future of energy distribution

Schaltschrankbau November 2023

Digitalisation, safety and standards, including liability, are completely transforming the industry. Added to this are sustainability, CO2 savings and a shortage of skilled workers. And the dynamics are breathtaking. We at SEDOTEC are ready and looking forward to it. Find out how we do it here.

Schaltschrankbau 01/2023
We are on fire for progress

Interview with Dirk Seiler, Managing Director at Sedotec

As an established manufacturer of kit systems for low-voltage switchgear, Sedotec from Ladenburg is respected in the industry. Fresh ideas and constant innovations with standardisation potential have catapulted the company into the league of top suppliers for power distribution. The owner of the medium-sized company stands for this with all his strength. We talked to Dirk Seiler about his assessment of the future and his strategy. This has also grown through the crises of the last three years.

Vamocon Schaltschrank
Sustainability in concrete terms

Schaltschrankbau May 2023

Up to now, feeding self-generated electricity into the grid has often resulted in costly individual solutions. Sedotec takes advantage of this situation and creates a fast, safe and sustainable standard solution with two new panel types.

Vamocon Anlage
Schneider Electric and Sedotec expand cooperation in digital switchgear assembly!

Software interface enables data consistency across suppliers.

The tech group Schneider Electric and the system manufacturer Sedotec are expanding their cooperation. With the establishment of a software interface between the switchgear configuration programs of both companies, it is now possible to combine Schneider Electric switchgear with Sedotec's VAMOCON switchgear system without any loss of data or additional effort.

Volker Kirchhoff
The future of switchgear assemblies can only be digital

Interview with Volker Kirchhoff, Head of Development at Sedotec

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world. This does not stop when it comes to power distribution. In addition, standards are changing and expanding at an ever faster pace. And of course, these technical developments are also challenging the designers, manufacturers and operators of switchgear assemblies on a daily basis. We spoke with expert Volker Kirchhoff, Head of Development at Sedotec, about the latest trends in the industry.

Making power distribution safer

Schaltschrankbau November 2020

Sedotec has opened its own temperature rise laboratory. This enables the manufacturer of modular kit systems for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies to extensively test and optimise variants of its Vamocon systems already during the development phases. High-tech measurement technology enables temperature rise testing in preparation for design verification according to DIN EN 61439.

Dirk Seiler
“Disruption is nothing new for us”

Schaltschrankbau February 2020

As a career changer and lateral thinker, Dirk Seiler has been shaking up the industry and market with Sedotec for over 15 years. With fresh ideas and clever technical solutions, the company from Ladenburg has gained a firm place among the top suppliers with customers all over the world. We spoke to the Managing Director and shareholder about what has been achieved, what’s on the horizon and future challenges – and not just for assembly manufacturers and electrical installers.