Interactive and successful

Interactive and successful

Do you want a business partner who’ll take your company forward because it’s innovative and actively tackles change? Here you will find new developments that will really drive you forward.

We know what we’re doing. Because we started with made-to-order production. That is where our roots lie. This has shaped our professionalism and our quality awareness. Today – thanks to VAMOCON – we’re also an ecologically and sustainably minded system manufacturer for switchgear systems that gives you all the freedom you need.

Together with our switchgear systems and components, we’ll jointly develop digitalisation that fits your corporate strategy. We examine the value creation activities in terms of their digitalisation potential and deliver this potential not only in the production, but also in the administrative area and, in particular, in the interface to suppliers and customers.

But not only that: We also help our customers progress, supporting them with our holistic way of thinking so that they can develop themselves further. With our VAMOCON system, we offer modular kit systems for power switchgear and controlgear assemblies up to 5,000 A. These are delivered to the destination individually, precisely and on schedule. And because on request we also prefabricate and pre-assemble copper busbars – the “lifelines” within switchgear assemblies – with our new, unique and state-of-the-art punching and bending centres for copper bars, you can devote much more time to the new, value-creating challenges posed by digitalisation.

Because this demands new answers.

Go for it! We’ll take care of the rest.

Inclusive and integrating

In this often anonymous and aloof business world, would you rather have a reputable business partner who’s there for you in person and who won’t disappoint you? Here you will meet owners who embrace and live the company values.

We’re a classic medium-sized company, actively owner-managed and committed to sustainable values that are also embraced on a daily basis. We’re not only enterprising, innovative and modern, we also work with probity – in the true sense of this somewhat antiquated but nevertheless meaningful word.

We always include our customers, the end users and the environment in our innovative ideas and developments. We integrate market requirements, feasibility, production optimisation and functionality into these all-round considerations.

We think and work sustainably and respect the environment.

You can look forward to a partner with probity.

Innovative and independent

Do you appreciate independent and self-confident companies? We know where we want to go – and how.

Our VAMOCON switchgear system exemplifies how we see ourselves: just like us it’s independent of any group. In accordance with our aspirations, it’s technically innovative and ecologically mature. And it’s made in Germany – just like SEDOTEC.

We’re always at the forefront of technology with our products and innovations. We think about customers, end users and the environment. That’s why we manufacture our systems in an assembly, operator and environmentally friendly way.

We take responsibility for future generations and for the environment. We’re convinced that sustainable, CO2-friendly management and action contribute equally to the long-term increase in our company’s value and to the well-being of the environment. As an owner-managed company, we always strive to improve our business methods and processes in order to generate less waste, reduce our consumption of resources and water, and emit less CO2.

Share these values with us!

Self-confident and successful

Beste Arbeitgeber 2024

What would all the successes and goals we have achieved be without our employees? Our employees enjoy trust and take responsibility.

People are important and valuable to us. First and foremost our employees. They enjoy scope for creativity, for the unexpected, and for the many small optimisations. Because we embrace a management style that is characterised by freedom, trust and responsibility.

In addition to offering the very best in social benefits, we also focus on much more. We keep hierarchies flat, interpret work in a meaningful way, and have built up a human resources management system based on perception, appreciation and recognition. We balance this willingness to change – which is always necessary today and which everyone must bring with them – by providing security. This is how we reach out and gain people instead of mere workers. And they’re delighted to contribute to SEDOTEC.

By deliberately transforming our culture in recent years, we’ve positively developed both our team spirit and communication. Our co-workers are also co-thinkers, and feel that their skills and expertise can contribute even more to the company every day. They want to take on responsibility on their own accord. This also speaks for the self-confidence espoused in the company. And self-confident people who think and act on their own initiative are exactly what we want and what makes SEDOTEC so strong.

FOCUS-BUSINESS has also recognised this. For the fifth time in a row, the magazine awarded SEDOTEC as a top employer of medium-sized companies.

We believe in the people in our company.

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German and grateful

Made in Germany

Do you also think that ‘Made in Germany’ is not just an empty phrase? Made in Germany, appreciated throughout the world.

We manufacture in Germany. Our employees come from many countries. Our expertise comes from all over the world. With our own VAMOCON system, we’ve proven since 2008 that innovations, combined with the highest quality and on-time delivery, can be economical and successful in Germany. Our locations in Ladenburg and Mittweida/Saxony have made this success story a reality. And our customers thank us: with their trust, with their collaborative partnership and with their loyalty. And we’re grateful to be able to operate successfully in this country with SEDOTEC.

Trust in development and production made in Germany!