Innovative and sustainable

Innovative and sustainable

With us you can get really powered up

Are reliability and on-time delivery important to you when planning and procuring your switchgear systems? With us, you can distribute your power in a green and CO2-friendly way.

We are an established manufacturer of kit systems for low-voltage switchgear assemblies. With over 50 years of experience, SEDOTEC produces switchgear systems and components for the electrical industry according to the highest quality criteria. Our switchgear assemblies with the “Made in Germany” quality seal can be found in a wide variety of applications in industry and building services throughout Europe.

With our own VAMOCON kit system, we demonstrate how innovations, combined with maximum quality and on-time delivery are successful in Germany. Since its launch in 2008, more than 10,000 VAMOCON systems have been installed and are safely in operation. The customers – assembly manufacturers, installers and operators, can freely choose the make of switchgear when designing switchgear assemblies. That’s something they really appreciate. And so, over time, many customers have become partners – and VAMOCON has become a designers’ favourite thanks to its numerous advantages and regular top scores in tests.

We make distributing power in industry and building technology safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

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Einspeisung erneuerbare Energien

Connecting renewable energies to the grid

With VAMOCON 1250, decentralized generation systems are quickly and safely connected to the grid. With cubicles for isolation point and measuring according to VDE-AR-N 4110.

Thinking about the environment pays off for operators.

With a four-metre-long switchgear assembly, the operator saves more than 12,000 euros in electricity costs during its service life.
The fact that the system’s dimensions enable it to be used even longer increases the savings potential even more.

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Sedotec Digitalisierung im Schaltschrankbau

Digitalisierung im Schaltanlagenbau

Planer und Anwender erwarten, dass wir ihnen Daten liefern, die sie in Ihre Systeme integrieren können. Mit unserer Konfigurationssoftware VAMOCAD stellen wir hierfür Daten bereit, um einen durchgängigen und Software-basierten Planungsprozess zu ermöglichen.


Beste Arbeitgeber 2024

Become part of the SEDOTEC team and make a big difference.

100 employees work according to business excellence and lean criteria. With the engagement of all employees, SEDOTEC has consistently aligned the value chain with customer benefits and established a dynamic corporate culture for continuous improvement. We are awarded as TOP EMPLOYER MEDIUM-SIZED* in 2024 – for the fifth time in a row!

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